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Cobra, Cobra........Take Over!

Ursula Sabisch, Am AEhrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

World Leadership in the Matter


Worldwide/ CC

Germany, Luebeck, 24 June 2018

Free English translation on 7 September 2021.

COBRA, COBRA take over Hungary, the State of Bavaria, Austria and Italy!

Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right persons! 

Dear Sirs, Dear Persons in Charge, Dear Readers,

As reported in the news, the current Ministers of the Interior and those who govern the world are not capable of recognising, let alone to regulating, the simplest structures in refugee policy.

This is quite sad for all the people concerned who still have to "drown" in the Mediterranean because here and there quite obviously too many people have professorial degrees and doctorates and yet basically there is nothing or not much behind them that can be of service to people or humanity.

The world has too many high school graduates and too many university graduates, but no or far too few people with a clear head and common sense!

Why do you think that is?

It is unbelievable what is going on in the sick minds of the publicly present responsible people!

You and your kind are receiving one last request with this letter, because how do you and others want to recognise and regulate difficult contexts if you will not fundamentally change to the right side and implement all the orders of my person !! !?

How else do you actually want to fathom out what is the matter?

Who controls your thoughts and actions? And the next question is: Where or among which section of the population is this action clearly recognisable?

It is clearly recognisable where primarily the Roman Catholic is at home, as indicated in the subject line above!

It is fundamentally correct that every human being has the right to freedom of expression, but it is fundamentally wrong for a government to submit to the wishes of the population if one of the God-given Ten Commandments can be violated or attacked as a result!

However, it is understandable that a population wants to protect itself from the foreign refugees and it is especially understandable when the infants, children and youth of a society will basically have to bear this "tied package" in the end.

And you know that quite simply as a leader and if you do not adopt these aspects in your thinking and actions, then you are quite simply out of place!

But of course it is still better not to disregard any of the Ten Commandments by accepting the refugees than to let the borders close and thereby put the people concerned in even greater danger, since they obviously see no other way out than to flee their own country!

So you then stake out the points and consider what options there are for this situation without violating the Ten Commandments and without the descendants having to bear the burden that has basically been created by the greed of individuals and by the greed of the capitalist states of the earth!

That can't be so difficult to implement, or what is actually wrong with you?? ?! !

Basically, taking in a refugee is something completely different from an immigration permit; this must always be considered as a matter of principle!

*An initation duty and a immigration permit are quite different rights of existence of a human being!

A duty to take in a refugee also exists when a person cannot find any rights or livelihood in his or her country, such as through hunger, persecution or when the person has no prospects for life.

A duty exists when people are threatened with life and limb!

A permission or immigration permit of a person of a foreign culture does not only exist if one "picks" the highly educated people from the poorer countries, what some capitalist states already practice, because by doing so one steals from the respective country and the respective family, which had invested in the "picked" person, but an immigration permit means that the entire family would also have to immigrate!

Taking in refugees always means that one day these people will have to be able to go back to their home country and for this reason one defines the points exactly and confines these refugees in a separate environment or village so that these people can move around safely and freely and so that these people do not have any hurdles due to language difficulties, which otherwise would also fall back on the toddlers, children and young people of the host country!

That can't be so difficult to understand, recognise and implement!

The world community can join forces financially and humanly for these necessary environments in the host countries and for the refugees concerned.

In this context, environments such as Canada, Russia, the USA or Australia will have to be considered, where free land is available, since humanity also has enough luxury liners to be able to transport entire families to a safe place.

Of course, objectively speaking, there are also very rich countries, such as ETHIOPIA.

There, most people live simply and modestly and yet these people in ETHIOPIA take the refugees in as a matter of course!

Obviously, this country is not even remotely Christian or Roman Catholic!

Of course, the best solution would be for the human and financial help of individuals**(billionaires and millionaires)**, who have long been called upon, to come on the spot or in the neighbouring countries of those affected, whereby the rich countries of the world will all have to make their contribution, which has long been demanded!

Surely this cannot be so difficult to understand and implement, or why should individuals become richer and richer and others have to bear the burden as a result?

Why?  And how much time is left for such stupid games?

You and others will hopefully know that a great many of those currently publicly responsible are listed by name and will have to feel first-hand what it is like to have to sail across the Mediterranean on a rubber dinghy and then be turned away at the border at the end of the "crossing"!

And if these current fools will not know this, it will not change the fact that this enforcement will be punished as my person considers properly!

Under my leadership, COBRA will do what my person deems right and nothing else!

With best regards

and best wishes for your recovery,

Ursula Sabisch


* 11 September 2021.

And Indeed....

And indeed, the Cobra has taken over, but now it is Banging back with this!

The lawyer was on the ball and showed us all how it "works"!

The transit centres are the solution and now the CSU in Bavaria can once again hope for the government mandate in the election in October 2018!! !

This is now part of history: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia continue to resist the refugee quota. At the EU summit in Bratislava, they propose the model of "flexible solidarity".

Migration and asylum and refugees and and....................the lawyer can define and justify it all precisely!

An expert in the case of globalisation in the 21st century!

But I know Someone who will show you and your kind on the oceans, preferably in the Mediterranean, where the transit centres for you and others will be!

04 July 2018

How about investigating and addressing the root causes in the countries of origin of refugees and asylum seekers?

Why or for whom are there so many well-educated people in the world, many of whom also speak a foreign language?

Why are there so many logistics companies and people who would like to go abroad to work for a while?

Why are there so many people who are searching for meaning in life?

Why do you think?

Why does my person have to do your and other people's "homework"?

Why can't you get off the ground?

Why don't you use the opportunity properly by training the refugees who have already been stranded or taken in to build up their countries of origin?

Why do you want to "buy in" people from faraway countries by means of globalisation and why do you, as those responsible, not ensure that there will be enough descendants of the next generations among your own people?

Why are so many people sitting in places where these people certainly do not belong? How did such a thing become possible?

Why doesn't the called-up world leadership finally take over these broken and worldwide leadership structures and make the best of it before the basis of humanity and the earth perishes?

How about honestly deployed manpower to build a just livelihood for the indigenous population preferably through handicrafts and by redistributing global resources for the purpose of future-oriented restructuring primarily in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan, Rep. Congo and Myanmar?!

Internally displaced persons see Internet link below:

Internet excerpt

Facts and Figures: Globalisation - Flight and Displacement

Internally displaced persons, refugees, asylum seekers.

Worldwide, the number of people affected by flight and displacement has more than doubled in the last ten years.

At the end of 2016, almost 68 million people were affected. The film shows the most important figures on flight and displacement from the offering "Facts and Figures: Globalisation".